Emma Donoghue

The small world of the five-year-old boy Jack, at the beginning, is like a fairy tale. Carpets and walls, plants and toys seem to have life. He waits for the sun and the moon to show a small face outside the skylight. He and his mother have a lot of games to play, even if they only run back and forth in the three-square-meter area.

Mom doesn’t allow him to watch TV for a long time, because it will make his head look silly. In the range that is not stupid, TV helps his mother to teach Jack to recognize many words and even many social and natural knowledge. The only horror is the night of “Old Nick.” After nine o’clock, the password lock rang, he must hide in the closet, as if he was the wardrobe monster in the ordinary boy nightmare. However, “Old Nick” will also bring Sunday gifts.

This is the first part of the Room of the Irish-Canadian woman writer Emma Donohue. Some people commented that this novel is “great and difficult love”. The tenacity and silence in the room, warmth and violence, this unspeakable life may be far away from us, but after thinking about it, the world is in various invisible, tangible room, have you chosen your own attitude?

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