《The Great Gatsby》

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Midwestern young man, Gatsby, became rich in the east, and he banqueted his night in his mansion, dreaming of the green lighthouse on Long Island, New York, looking for the woman who dreamed of. Neighbor Nick, watching Gatsby’s guests accept his hospitality, was indifferent, watching Gatsby struggle to pursue the corrupt vain.

Gatsby paid a high price for a dream he had been holding for a long time. After his death, Nick found out that Tom secretly provoked Wilson to kill Gatsby. He felt that the eastern ghosts were building, and the world was cold, and he decided to go back to his hometown in the Midwest. This is a simple story, but it has a very sad life.

This gorgeous “Jazz Age” elegy, in the words of Fitzgerald, is like a poem, leaving a strong ink mark on the history of American contemporary literature. The novel itself, like all great novels, eventually points in one direction – nothingness.

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