《The Story of Your Life》,Adapted the film 《Arrival》

Ted Chiang

This is a rare science fiction novel whose philosophical significance is much higher than the sci-fi value of the work itself. Aliens, base, crossing, love, parenting. Just these few keywords, I do not know how many spaceships can crash on the screen, how many mushroom clouds rise, how many unlucky times, how many couples eventually become scorpions, how many family wives are separated from the children – but those and this The story has nothing to do with it.

A linguist learned an alien language that completely changed her worldview. The past, present, and future are unfolding in front of her eyes. In order to be closer to God, humans burned wood and bricks, and pulled the towers of the car. After countless generations of hard work, they finally built a tower of towering towers standing between the heavens and the earth.

In a world where “names drive everything”, the naming guys play seventy-two letters looking for passwords for human races. When all human scientific research is limited to the interpretation of human research results, is there still a need for such research? This is a lonely and cold story, the reader is scrutinized by a delicate soft and soft tip.

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