《12 Years a Slave》

Solomon Nosop

Only after reading this book can we understand the weight of the words “freedom” and “equality”. “12 Years a Slave ” is a kind of story that is very far away from us, but as soon as it is read, the inexplicable familiarity will come to the fore. That’s why it’s written about a piece of American history, but it has shaken the entire world of film circles this year.

Because of the determination and persistence of life, freedom, dignity and faith in The Twelve Years of the Slave, it is impossible to avoid. It is struggling to fight for love and affection, to go home. It makes the cold modern people burst into tears.

Many of the episodes in the world famous book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” are based on this story. A well-educated, free-spirited black man who was deceived and kidnapped as a slave. After 12 years of inhuman life, he finally returned to home.

It turns out that on the long road to go home, no matter the time, the age, or the place.

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