Joshua Levine

The title of the book is easy to imagine from a grand perspective to describe and interpret the history books of Dunkirk’s great retreat. For example, the cause and effect of the retreat, the ins and outs. The political game between Britain and France and the Third Reich, strategic decision-making. The comparison of forces between the two sides, tactical arrangements. The entire passage of combat and retreat, and the impact of the entire event on the Second World War process and the pattern of the world The shaping

This book is the only officially licensed book of the famous director Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk. The author Joshua Levine is the historical consultant for the film.

In 1940, the nine days of the miracle of the small port Dunkirk changed the history of mankind. In May of that year, under the attack of the German mechanized forces, the British and French coalition forces collapsed rapidly. Nearly 400,000 coalition forces were trapped in Dunkirk, a small port town in northeastern France. This documentary record of the documentary is a real story that happened there.

The author abandons the grand narrative of this type of book tradition and refuses to monotonically record the process of Dunkirk’s retreat in an objective, logical, and linear way. He sorted out the dictation of the retreating witnesses, using a subjective, experiential, psychological way to describe the state of the people in Dunkirk’s retreat and to portray in the war.

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