La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano (1998)

This film tells the life of a piano genius legend. In 1900, on the Virginian luxury cruise ship, an orphan was abandoned in first class and raised by a sailor on the ship, named 1900 (Tim Rose). The 1900 grew up slowly, showing the extraordinary piano talent without a teacher. The band on the boat performed the piano, and everyone who had heard him played was deeply moved.

The film is a classic of history. Jazz master Jerry heard about the existence of the talented pianist 1900, and deliberately rushed from the United States to the European boarding challenge. The two sides fought for three rounds. At the beginning, Jerry had the upper hand, and the sound of the piano was beautiful and impressive. The 1900, which is outside the secular, does not understand the meaning of the struggle, the “negative” confrontation, and even completely imitates the impromptu music of the other party. Until the last round, he was really irritated by the arrogance of the other side, staged a bloody god hand speed performance, and finally lit the cigarette with hot strings, completely shocked all the audience.

All this happened at sea, and 1900 never wanted to set foot on the land until one day, he fell in love with a girl, and the love flowed on the keys. Will he set foot on the land to start a new life for love, and use his piano sound to stunning the world? How will he write his extraordinary life.

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