Robert F.Kennedy Jr. secretly bought BTC?


U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has always supported cryptocurrencies. At the end of May, he criticized the SEC’s cryptocurrency regulation and promised that the president-elect of the United States would “guarantee the rights and interests of using and holding BTC, which will never be violated.” “But on the one hand, he declares that he only supports Bitcoin, and he will not personally benefit from it.

Kennedy Jr. secretly bought Bitcoin?

According to CNBC reports, Kennedy Jr. listed an investment account on the financial report submitted at the end of June, indicating that the account held bitcoins worth between $100,000 and $250,000.

After receiving the notice, the campaign team quickly clarified, first telling CNBC that the transaction was purchased by JFK Jr. before his speech in Miami in May, and that the bitcoins were the personal investment of his wife, Cheryl Hines. It is understood that in addition to supporting Bitcoin during his speech in Miami, Kennedy Jr. also announced on the spot that he would accept Bitcoin as a campaign donation.

“These investments were not his, but his wife’s, and Kennedy was not involved in his wife’s investment decisions.”

Representatives of the campaign team then issued a new statement stating that the Bitcoin investment did indeed belong to Kennedy Jr.

“I was wrong in my last communication. Mr. Kennedy did hold Bitcoin investments, but after his speech, at the time of the Bitcoin speech, he did not hold any cryptocurrency.”